Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awana Bible Quiz Champs!

Saturday, we had our Awana district Bible quiz, and the Colonial Baptist Church team made up of Jeremy and Destin took first place for book 3!! Yeah! A really funny thing about that is that neither of these kids go to Colonial but are both members of the same church!

Destin got all of her multiple choice correct and received an "Honor award." Jeremy also correctly answered all of his multiple choice questions. During the speed quizzing (picture a game show with 12 kids with buzzers), he answered 3 of the total of 12 speed quizzing questions to "quiz out." These two feats earned Jeremy the "Quizzing Champion" award.

Coach William also received a medal for his efforts. He did endure a lot of practice and made nifty flashcards for his team. Great job!

These kids put in a lot of practice and can spout off a lot of scripture and things like why we know the Bible is true, etc... It is quite impressive! I just hope that they can remember to apply these things! Way to go, Jeremy & Destin!! Woo hooo!

Annika goes to the orthopedist tomorrow.

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the Steiger's said...

Congratulations!!! I know all about the hard work around Awana. I am very happy for you guys!!! Good Job!!!

the Steiger's said...

Hi Susan,
I am very sorry you are not on my blog roll. I haven't updated it for a long time. (I am working on a list now and hopefully it will be up by the end of the day.) I use my own blog roll from the web browser. I will add you to my blog list.
I also didn't mean to be stalking your blog I just thought that your family has a lot in comment with ours. I have few blogs that I check daily but to tell you the truth I can not keep up with everybody at AWAA. I hope you have a nice day.

Rob & Candy said...

Congrats Jeremy!