Friday, October 26, 2007

"When will you get your baby?" (Revised!)

Well, A LOT has happened since I addressed this question in August. That's good!

We heard from our agency that the wait for a boy child is not necessarily taking the 4-7 months. During the last round of referrals from Friday, October 19, one of the families that received a referral after their dossier had been in Ethiopia for about one month! YIKES!

This realization sent shock through me! William's reaction to me was, "Didn't you know this would happen at some point? We're doing all of this to get our baby!"

So, my best guess is that we will get our referral in 2-4 months. That is just a guess though. Things could slow down, I suppose. I just hope I'm not writing an addendum to this post 6 months from now!

Today, I ordered this from the GAP!

It says "TREASU(RED)" and is part of the Product (red) collection from which half of the proceeds are donated to help women and children affected by AIDS in Africa. (It is on sale!)

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary! (We were married as children!)

Tomorrow is Jeremy's 10th birthday!


Beth said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. A fun filled weekend ahead. It seems to me from the MI Yahoo Group I belong to that their referrals have been in the 3-4 month timeframe. Don't know how different this may be for different agencies. LOVE the baby outfit!

Ron and Kellie Pellizzari said...

Hi Susan,
I saw your post on YG and I couldn't resist, I had to order an outfit too. We are only in the paperchasing phase but I got one a little big. Happy Anniversary/birthday!
Kellie (AWAA YG)

tisha said...

Thanks for letting us know about the sale! We went to Gap and got one last night! Yea!
Tisha (awaa yg)

E said...

Our dossier was in Ethiopia for 11 weeks when we got our referral - I didn't realize someone had only had theirs in for about a month (that's insane!). Still, ours came in under the 3 months we thought would be the get ready!

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about all of the challenges. I'm firmly convinced that when it rains it pours. I've experienced this so many times, even with really tragic, difficult things - it just seems to pile on. And, of course, it is made worse because you're already dealing with the other problems when more come along...making the new problems even more challenging to bear.

But, even in the pouring rain, God's umbrella is one of grace & mercy!