Saturday, October 20, 2007

Progress Update #21

Over the past two weeks, our precious collection of papers, our dossier, has visited the U.S. State Department and the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, D.C. We received a notice yesterday, Friday, October 19, 2007, that FedEx now has possession of it, and it is fix'n ta leave the country and go to Ethiopia!!! So far, it has gone from VA to TN, and unfortunately, that won't be the last time that it will appear to be traveling the wrong way! Any predictions on how long it will take to get there?

Scott and Jean's (introduced below) dossier arrived in China this week also!! We are so excited for them!

Our agency, America World, also handed out another batch of referrals. (A "referral" is when a family is notified that they have been matched with a child or children.) Another 6 children have been offered to become part of 5 families! That is a total of 12 children in 10 families in just the past 2 weeks!

It is so wonderful to watch as these children are placed in wonderful, Christian homes! Congratulations to those of you who got to "meet" your children and will be on your ways before you know it! Woo hooo!

Annika's cast comes off on October 31. She declared that is smells like a dirty shoe. She's right!

William got 8 stitches in his leg Thursday night after ripping it open on the rough end of a piece of metal conduit. EWWWW! He will be OK. After all of the stitching he's had over the years, he says this is the most in one spot!

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Carpenters said...

I'm so happy for you that your dossier is on its way! I don't have a guess to how long it will take. Ours was taken back to Ethiopia by Girmachew because he was in the country when we completed ours. I actually never knew when it "officially" entered the country.

I bet Annika can't wait for her cast to come off. Dirty shoe smell is not fun. And William needed stiches! I hope that he is alright. My brothers-in-law have contests about who has had the most number of stiches at one time (I believe 43 is the winner, chainsaw and fingers don't mix well) and who has had stiches the greatest number of times. I'm glad that my husband comes out at the bottom of the pack in each category.

It's great to hear all the updates. We'll be keeping you in our prayers and praying for a speedy referral.

With love,