Saturday, October 13, 2007

Checking In...

Our dossier is still at our agency. I don't really know what they're doing to it, but it is to go to the U.S. State Department next week to be authenticated. Here is great news from our agency!

America World is happy to announce that we received referrals for six children this week; four of the children were males, and two of the children were females. The ages of the children ranged from approximately 1 ½ months to 11 months old. There are five families currently reviewing the referrals for these children. We look forward to receiving their responses within the next week! (All of the families did accept their referrals last week.)

America World signed a lease for a transition home in Addis Ababa last week! Once this home is up and running, the children who are being adopting by America World families, will be transitioned to this home from the orphanage between the time of referral and travel. In addition to this, our in-country staff liaison has recently hired two additional staff to help with adoption processing. Our agency believes that both of these accomplishments will lead to a smoother, more efficient adoption process for Ethiopia families, so we are happy to share this news!

On the home front:

Our van went back to the shop this week and got new front axles. We're unsure what to do. The "repair" job in Ohio has caused our van to growl constantly from stop to 45 mph. Growling aside, it drives much better with the new axles. PTL!

William took my computer apart last weekend to move my HUGAMOUS hard drive into another machine with a newer processor, so long story short -I don't have a working computer. :-) So, if you're waiting on a reply to an email, send me another email because I don't have my address book up and running. I am checking my mail on the internet everyday, but it is difficult to keep up.

Annika's arm is healing well. She had x-rays on Friday, and it looks like her cast will be removed in two weeks. She's complaining about pain mostly at night, but she is getting around fairly well with a little extra help. It got cold here, and she is mad that she can't wear long sleeves. Her jackets fit, so she'll live for two weeks!

We are pumped up for FAIR DAY at the NC State Fair next Tuesday!! Woo hoo! This is our family thing -William's favorite day of the year! Hopefully, I'll be able to post some fun fair photos late next week -or whenever I have a computer again!

Bad things aside, we are thankful that homeschooling is going well, William has a job, and we are all healthy! AND did I mention? -Next week is FAIR DAY!

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Rob & Candy said...

How was the Fair? I wish I had talked to you last week. We are going to the Fair on Thursday!
I'm praying for your paperwork dear one!