Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reunion -I just don't know what to call it!

We're back from another Ohio adventure! WHEW!

William and I had our class reunions. I won't say what year, but we heard Wang Chung and Duran Duran at the party. We went to William's school's homecoming game and an alumni picnic at a park the next day. I loved meeting his friends and it was a lot easier for me since I wasn't expected to know anybody! We went to my party on Saturday night, and I was thrilled to walk in and see two "kids," Ann & Neil, with whom I went to kindergarten! William and I hung out with the other "bandies," Teresa & Dave (and spouses), and had a fun night! My face hurt from smiling and laughing.

Sunday, William's brother and sister-in-law hosted a family reunion. It was really nice to see everybody there also! Sadly, we didn't get to visit much though...

When attending a family reunion, DO have fun with your cousins...

DON'T break your arm!

Before setting the bones and drugs, "Mama, help me! Mama, help me!"

After the morphine.. She looked at the cast and asks, "Hey, where did that come from?" After being so scared and concerned for her, it was a relief to see her stoned and giggling!!! Check out the bear's cast! She named her "Little Buckaroo!"

Annika should have the cast for 4-5 weeks. By making her so needy, I think God may be using this experience to prepare us for our baby. (That's what I'm telling myself anyway!)

Our van was in the shop for a day before we headed home. Unfortunately, they did not fix the problem for a lot of money. I don't think that they even took it for a test drive. So, we had a shaky 500-mile drive home and have to decide what to do now. BLEH!

It was great to see family and friends though. *SIGH*

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David & Robin said...

Hey, we live just an hour north of Charlotte!!! I recognize the fingerprint office very well!!!!

I just heard that there are two Ethiopian restaurants in Charlotte; the other one is the Red Sea, but the reviews are not as good!

Our 7 year old just had 7 stitches in his chin; but me part of the adoption journey!!!!

Were are you located in NC??? Please email me offline at: robinrankin@yahoo.com