Sunday, July 5, 2009


For the first time ever, I got the kids some sparklers to help celebrate our independence. They were so excited! Annika freaked out a little when hers began to sputter and some of the paper landed on her arm and now, she has a blister. William also found himself on fire, and now, his thumb is twice its normal size with a blister. YUCK. Jeremy and Marissa enjoyed them and are intact.


Rob & Candy said...

Igor did sparklers for the first time this year too. Happy belated 4th

April Isaacs said...

Yea! We love sparklers. I am glad NOT to see B carrying one:-)


Apryl said...

I *love* sparkler pictures!! They make me a nervous wreak though--so pokey and...on fire :) Glad you made it through with only minor incident!