Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our First Pro Soccer Match

Carolina Railhawks 3, Wilmington Hammerheads 0

We were very brave (or stupid) and ventured to our first professional soccer match last night with all 4 children. It was Hope night... Our "roadies" who help park cars at church worked to park cars at the soccer field, and our church family was given the opportunity to purchase discount tickets AND there were fireworks to celebrate Independence Day!

All of the kids were good! Benaiah was mostly content in the Ergo, Annika played with our empty water bottles and with Lily who sat behind her, Marissa actually watched the game, and Jeremy split his attention between the game and Benaiah. They were all quite pleasant!

The weather was beautiful! It was not too hot or humid, and there was a nice breeze.

We got to see lots of friends from church -some who we hadn't seen for quite a while since they had no idea who Benaiah was or how he came to be part of our family! One of my friends, Gayle, introduced me to a friend who will be traveling to Ethiopia soon with her sister to bring a child home! Very exciting! Siobhan who is from England laughed about how it wasn't a REAL football match... the crowd was too tame, and there were no hooligans! (Hee hee! I'm glad that there aren't hooligans here!)

Happy Independence Day!!!

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