Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up

A lot has happened since our last post. During most of that time, our family computer has been down. It is limping along right now on an old hard drive, and I don't know what is going to happen, but I know better than to upload our newest photos!

Summer swim team has finished. Jeremy and Marissa both swam in the Cary City Meet. It is the largest swim meet of any kind in the state! Our pool hosts it, and it is a big, hairy deal! They were both excited to earn ribbons for their relays, Marissa won her heat in breast stroke, and Jeremy placed in breast stoke earning points for the team! It was a fun day! We were there from 7 am until 8:30 pm!

The season was finished off with the swim team "banquet." It was a carry-in. Annika was awarded "Most-Improved Six and Under Girl" right before the thunder and lightening began. We moved the festivities to the church across the street and finished up. It is so sad to say good-bye our coaches and friends.

We began our new year of home schooling on Monday, July 27. Things are going well. We began with what we have as we waited for the rest of it to arrive. The children are really enjoying painting with watercolors! It helps to motivate them to get through the other necessities. Annika is especially excited to be doing school!

We're all taking Friday off to go to the pool!


the Steiger's said...

we started school on Monday as well !! Good i am not the only crazy mom starting early. Anyway I can not wait to see you in Branson :)

Apryl said...

Okay, I'm not feeling so bad about the lack of blogging on my part since it seems like its not only me :) My boys did a triathlon a few weeks ago and I thought about your family before they started the swim--you guys are the only swim meet-ers that I know!

Hope you the enjoy the last bit of summer--see you in MO in a month!