Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Faith Building

After 3 1/2 months of waiting, we finally got word from Shoahannah's Hope that we did NOT get a grant to help out with our adoption expenses. That is a BIG disappointment; however, William is certain that God is going to take care of the expenses and will keep us from going into debt for this adoption. Sounds good to me. :-) By us not getting the grant, God has a great opportunity to do something even greater!

We are keeping up with the families who are traveling in Ethiopia this week. It is so enjoyable to read their blog entries and see the photos and videos of them meeting their children!

Our friends, the Steigers will be traveling in 10 days to go get their little girl, Jordan! Whew, finally!

Tomorrow, we hit our 5-month wait mark and will be in the time range to expect our referral. I don't expect to hear anything in the next month though.

We received good news that our agency has hired another family coordinator for the Ethiopian program. This program has *EXPLODED*! We are finding several families who are concurrently adopting from China and Ethiopia, and recently, a bunch of families have switched from the El Salvador program because there was no movement there.

I've been waking up in the middle of the night for the last several nights thinking about our little guy, imagining his little hand in mine at the Harris Teeter as we go to get our groceries. Will he have long slender fingers or little chunky nubs? I was thinking about how he'll get rubbed down with shea butter every day to keep him soft and pretty! Will he enjoy it like Annika does, or will he cringe and run like Jeremy? I just can't wait to meet him!


Team Dragovich said...

Susan, Thanks so much for checking out our blog!!! I love readers :P I want to just tell you how much I am praying for God's financial surprise for your family. We are sort of in the same boat... things are going to get pretty tight until after summer, here at the Team D camp!! Also, I had to laugh at the shea butter comment-- I just bought some at Wal-Mart last night so I could see what it is like-- ha!! Love, Shari

Rob & Candy said...

I am weeping, yes, weeping at the thought of you at HT with your little boy... I cannot wait to see him in your arms.
God has a plan! I am looking forward to seeing it play out.

the Steiger's said...

Let's hope we will travel next Saturday. We have not heard from the travel agent yet!!! I am going crazy here.

shawn and tisha said...

We applied with Shaohannah's hope and did not receive a grant either. It is disappointing, but God is in control and I can't wait to see how he provides for you, we have seen him providing for us. He is so faithful. :)