Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dryer Repair by the Numbers

3 -- The number of weeks we went without a dryer

2 -- Number of times the repairman was a "no show"
12 -- The average number of loads of laundry we do in one week.
1/2 (mile) -- The distance to the dryer that Susan's mother graciously let us use whenever we needed.
$175 -- The Original Estimate from the repairman
$450 (or more) -- The Second Estimate
$60 -- The amount I paid the repairman for his trip when I thanked him for not fixing the dryer.
$125 -- The actual cost of the replacement parts
1 -- The number of new tools I bought for this job
$30 --The cost of dinner for 5 at our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate the new working dryer.

Satisfaction of fixing the dryer myself -- Priceless

Note from Marissa -- "The fun we had playing with the old dryer drum -- priceless."


InGod'sHands said...

Hey, our dishwasher is out. Do you and Susan make service calls? We're trying the fix it yourself thing too but can't figure out what to fix. Good job! The dryer drum does look like fun.

Rebecca K.

Susan said...

Yeah, honey! Now, get back to doing the laundry! ;-) I'm proud of you!

Love Always, Susan

K.P. said...

Been there. We recently did CPR on my "hand-me-down" dryer that is 23 years old! (Thanks Granny!) Fixing it was great. It works like new again! Can we get another 23 years?? Doubt it. Can we get through until the adoption credit? YES!


PS: Susan, you're officially tagged. Let's hear more about you! for instructions

Team Dragovich said...

Susan, TAG! You're it! Go to my blog to find out the details!
Love ya,

Carpenters said...

Aren't mothers who live in town such a blessing? Otherwise how could you have gotten through three weeks without a washer, yikes! Great job on fixing it yourself!

With Love,