Thursday, March 27, 2008

Activity in Ethiopia

This was an eventful week for the Ethiopian program! I think that seven families received referrals for a total of 9 children! *~*~CONGRATULATIONS!*~*~ We had heard that these 9 children were moved about 3 weeks ago, and the knowledge has made many families (mostly the moms!) crazy with anticipation!

  • 2 infant girls
  • 2 infant boys
  • sibling group of 5 & 7 years
  • sibling group of 6 & 9 years
  • mystery child
Today, we received the wonderful news that instead of a 90-day wait to release a child for adoption, it is now 60 days! This means that when a child is relinquished or found, he or she will be in orphan care for 2 months rather than 3 before they can be with their forever family!

America World has also signed with another orphanage in Ethiopia! Kingdom Vision International. (KVI) is more than just an orphanage. It does much to help families escape poverty and helps to keep them together! They have a child sponsorship program! The orphanage is located in town of Nazareth.

The other orphanage with which America World has been working is Kids Care in Addis Ababa. People who have been there speak about how loving the staff there is! Kids Care does much to help its community also.

I wonder where our son is???


Danielle said...

It's been way too long since I've visited!!! I loved catching up on your posts. I love seeing through pictures the personalities of your precious kiddos! How exciting to think about your little son fitting into the mix!!! And, speaking of that, I was looking at my THINK you're a grandparent now!!!


Team Dragovich said...

Isn't the 60 day news so exciting? I agree with Danielle-- I think you are entering "grandparent-hood". Is it a hard stage to be in?
Love, Shari

Rob & Candy said...

hey! I hope our little guys are in the same place. How coold would that be??

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

How exciting to know that you are getting soooo close!!