Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth!

Actually, Marissa needs 4 front teeth for Christmas!

Last night right before bed (of course!) Marissa's chin and Annika's head collided. After the bleeding and crying ceased, Marissa noticed that one of her loose teeth on top was *really* loose. When she wiggled it, it came right out!

She was then left with the other wiggly top tooth spinning in all directions since its partner wasn't there for support.

Finally, at 10 PM, she came down *again* and asked Daddy to pull it out for her. He did the, "Let's go on 3," and pulled it out on "2!"

The tooth fairy brought 2 brand new Thomas Jefferson golden dollars!


Jen said...

She's so cute! Are those American Girl Pajamas I see her sporting? Just wondering because our girls LOVE their Bitty Babies....

Our oldest has a loose upper tooth and two missing on the bottom. If only we could get our kids together in a toothless chior. Oh the fun we'd have!

Susan said...

Yes, Jen. That is the bitty baby nightgown. Hopefully, the blood will wash out! Our girls love "Annie" and "Lizzy!"

Abby & Adrian said...

So adorable... and brave to let Daddy pull them out. Have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet little ones.

shawn and tisha said...

Oooh, bumping heads hurts!
Dads are so good at that fake count to three trick. My dad used that too. :)