Monday, December 24, 2007

Naming Baby Schmidt

So, as we get close to bringing home the newest Schmidt, thinking about baby names makes him more real to us. It was the same when I was pregnant. I love even to think back to when we didn't know if Jeremy was going to be "Sonja" or "Jenna," Marissa may have been "Noah" or "Annika," and Annika could have been "Naomi!" They think that is funny! Right now, we pray for "Baby Ethiopia" unless you're Jeremy who prays for "Babies Ethiopi-i," the plural form!

Here is a good blog site made by an Ethiopian New Yorker who has an interest in helping educate adoptive parents about names and culture: "My Ethiopian Name" On the site, Rebecca explains the naming customs of Ethiopia. A person is given a first name, and their last name is their father's first name. William would be "William James" or "Mr. William," and I would be "Susan Thomas" or "Mrs. Susan." Interesting! She also has lists of Ethiopian names with their meaning and origins -most are biblical or Muslim.

We have more factors to consider as we name our newest little one like "What name does he have already?" If it is a name that can be pronounced fairly easily by Americans, it may work as a first name. Also, "Who named him?" If his birth mother or father gave him a name, we may feel more inclined to keep it for him rather than if it was assigned at the orphanage.

We are planning to make his Ethiopian name his middle name if it doesn't get to be his first. We've been kicking around a few names that we like, and thought that it would be fun to put a baby name poll on the blog! Look to the right of the screen and cast your vote!

  • YOHANNES -"YAHWEH is gracious" (The name of the first Ethiopian we met! Susan's grandfather was John, and both of us have an Uncle John/Jon.
  • MATEOS/MATIAS -"gift from God"
  • BENIAH -"eloquent"
  • OLIVER -"elf army" (Our homeschool is "Rivendell Academy" so that would work! Susan's great grandma was also named "Ollie!")
  • ISAIAH -"God is salvation"
  • JONAH -"a dove"
  • NOAH -"rest, peace"
  • STEVE -"crown," "wreath" (A traditional Ethiopian name! LOL!)
We're open to more suggestions, so add them by clicking on "comments" right below this post!


Carpenters said...

Aren't names fun? Gabe and I went round and round with names. We're still negotiating nicknames, though. Before we received our referral, we had names picked out, but wanted to wait until then when we could see if they looked like what we had picked out. For your little one, I voted for Isaiah, but I also like Beniah. It was a hard choice. I am very glad that he is becoming more real to you.

With love,

The Ferris Family said...

Noah is a great name! Besides, in the Ethiopian dialect, it sounds like "NO Way"! ;-)...Plus I have a Noah of my own, so I am partial to the name. . . Great catching up with you here. I know you guys are excited! Hang in there! Pray tons, and we will pray with you!

Remain Blessed,

shawn and tisha said...

All of your choices seem like very nice names.:)

We are having name discussions too. Since we are open to either gender we have tried to come up with a girl and a boy name. The girl name came easily, but we are still not settled on a boy name and since we will most likely be receiving a boy we really want to pick a name.

I hope you guys find just the right name for your little one! (us too!) :)

Tisha (awaa yg)

Apryl said...

Love your names--I can't even start thinking about names right now! I voted Beniah, but they are all very sweet, haven't visited the Ethiopian name site in a long time, maybe I should go over there...

Danielle said...

Susan and fam,
I don't know! I like several of them...and I love their meanings. I think Beniah is a favorite as is Noah...but I LOVE the family tradition and meaning of Yohannen, or however you spell it! SO, there's my two cents. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the name Mason (my son's name) but I really like the names on your list. I think Steven is a good name-very manly. I also like Noah- since I nearly named Mason that. I like strong names, and when in doubt, let your husband pick. I think it's lovely when the father picks the name. When we had our kids, I gave several names to my husband and he made the ultimate choice.
Best wishes,

Leslie-Jean said...

Isaiah--it has to be Isaiah. If you get two than it should be Isaiah for one and Noah for the other.

Seriously, though, Whatever you pick will be great. What a blessed baby!!!