Monday, May 21, 2007

Progress Update #2

We are up to our necks in paperwork already! Our home study packet arrived last Friday, and William and I found some time yesterday to sit down together to wade through some of it.

Last night, I wrote my autobiography. Who knew I was so interesting? There's the time I almost got arrested...

The UPS man brought us a new toy today! We decided to save our gas money for driving to Kinko's and the 8 cents per copy and put it into a printer/scanner/copier/fax unit. We've already had to make some copies today. We're going to need to fax each and every piece of our dossier -front and back- to our family coordinator also.

Jasmine goes to see Dr. David tomorrow because everybody in the house needs to have papers.

I am waiting for my corrected birth certificate to arrive so that we can send in our I-600A (orphan petition) to USCIS.

Our passports are still in process. 4 weeks down, 6 more to go.


Heidi W said...

Too much fun! Right? Or not... paperwork is a drag, but when you are finished with it you won't know what to do with yourself while you wait for that referral, court, and travel. :)

patti said...

You always have to bring up the "almost arrested" thing don't you??? I'm sorry already! LOL

Ryan and Linn O'Keefe said...

Hi William and Susan,

We are excited that you are adopting! We are praying for you. Your post makes me so glad that we are almost done with our paper work. Your new toy (printer) will prove to be a great investment, saving you money, but more importantly, TIME!

Love and blessings Ryan and Linn