Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Bagel Day!!!

Fridays still remind me of bagel day back when I worked at NCR. Every Friday morning, Steve, Howard and I would pick up Susan from the manufacturing floor and head to the NCR cafe for a bagel and a Coke (This was Atlanta after all). We would enjoy bagels and visiting with the whole KETA team.

The bagels were sold as a fund-raiser. For $1, you could get any style bagel, and a variety of toppings including cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, honey, jam, etc... I usually got a sesame bagel with plain cream cheese, Susan got a plain one with cream cheese, and Steve mixed it up with something different each time. But what really stands out was Howard's bagel. Every Week, we would ask "Howard, what do you have on your bagel?" and he would reply "Jam and cheese, Baby!" I can still hear him saying that. Inevitably, some bagel would get stuck in Howard's big, bushy mustache, and if you pointed it out to him, he would just say "I'm saving that for later."

Later, when we found out we were pregnant with Jeremy, Howard began to refer to him as "Little Howard." This is still one of Jeremy's more popular (and funny) nick-names.

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Howard said...

I love it! I haven't had a good jam n cheese bagel in forever. What a memory. Those were good times. (insert Man crying nostalgia here)

Susan, thank you for taking care of your technically inept husband.

Big Howard