Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!!

On October 28, we celebrated 1 year after receiving our Benaiah Meteku into our arms for GOOD!

My mom joined us all for dinner at Abyssinia for a yummy Ethiopian dinner. Benaiah sure did turn the heads of the Ethiopian men who gather there.

We love you baby boy, and are so happy that you are part of our family!!


Matt and Jenny said...

have you ever been to Blue Nile in durham? we haven't been to either blue nile or abyssinia, but we're hoping to go to one of them soon. didn't know if you had visited both, which you enjoyed more! happy year!

Susan said...

Matt and Jenny, Last I checked, the Blue Nile in Durham had closed. We have been to the Queen of Sheba in Chapel Hill. I prefer Abyssinia because it feels more Ethiopian to me, and there are actual Ethiopians working there and hanging out.

Is your family in the adoption process?

Thanks for following us! Susan

Matt and Jenny said...

oh, thanks! i had no idea they had closed... and i didn't know about the queen of sheba... i can't wait until we have a chance to go to abyssinia!

yes, we've just begun the adoption process. we were adopting from korea (about 3 months into the process) and had a change of plans. our blog is private, but i'd be happy to send you an invite if you'd like!