Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday, Jeremy!

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Jeremy had a great birthday! He began his day with M&M pancakes, bacon, hash browns, coffee, & lemonade!

Marissa & Annika gave him a Webkinz giraffe which he loves because his favorite animal is the giraffe -an appropriate choice, except that they don't swim. He also got a dolphin Kinz Clip, so I guess that makes up for the giraffe not swimming!

His BFF, Bethany, spent most of the day with him. We all ventured out into the mist for some miniature golf, and then the kids played a game of Monopoly on the computer.

Our family in town all joined us for Jeremy's requested dinner: meatloaf, french fries, and cream soda. I found out that frosting does not stick to ice cream, but his cake turned out OK, and was very tasty. I surprised Jeremy with the ducks. (He gets ducks when he wins his heats at the RSA swim meets.)

He got enough money to purchase an iPod Touch which arrived this week. He is a very happy boy!

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!

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the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy from the Steigers:)
Looks like you had a great birthday!!!