Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Amazing Mother's Day Race!

It has been 2 weeks since Mother's Day, but I couldn't let it just go by without blogging about it.

As soon as I woke up, the kids presented me with my first clue for "The Amazing Race!" From there, I encountered a "Road Bl0ck" which required me to say tongue twisters presented by each child. They had me running outside in my nightgown to get a clue out of a tree in the back yard, and I even encountered a "Detour" where I had to choose between two challenges: folding pants or cup stacking. I chose the cup stacking because I thought it would be a harder challenge, but who knew how good I would be? The final clue let me to the "Pit Stop" in the bathroom (hahaha!), where I received my present from the kids: a pink camo Webkinz carrier containing a Webkinz pink poodle! I named her "Philine" after Phil on "The Amazing Race!" That was so much fun! The kids really put a lot of planning into it!

We had a nice strawberry pancake brunch after that, and we all just enjoyed hanging out around the house. The kids were even happy not to be running anywhere!

William had more presents for me including my new tiara (a real silver-plated one!) and the Willow Tree figure on which he painted the baby to match our Benaiah! Funny fact: William took Benaiah to the craft store in order to match his skin with the paint color!!! How appropriate that our little, strong, and fast Ethiopian's skin color is "Espresso!"

Late in the afternoon after our pancakes and bacon wore off, we were ready for our steak dinner. I was so happy that my mom could come over and eat with us! William made a delicious meal of filet mignon and baked potatoes, and we got to use the new crystal that William received for being with IBM for 10 years! William also prepared lactose-free chocolate eclairs! It had been a long, long time since I had eaten an eclair! They were tres bien!

Thank-you, Mom, William, Jeremy, Marissa, Annika, and Benaiah for making my Mother's Day so special! I love you all!

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