Sunday, May 3, 2009


Tonight we celebrated the end of another year of Awana with the combined awards with carnival. We are all so glad to have a long break ahead of us!

Marissa finished her 3rd and final year as a Spark and was awarded the Sparky award! She and Mema are both moving up to Truth & Training next year.

Annika finished her 2nd and final year as a Cubbie! She looks forward to being a Spark next year! After working in all three clubs, William has declared Cubbies to be the most challenging with which to work!

Jeremy helped with Kindergarten Sparks this year and really enjoyed it. He got to work the rubber duck pond at the Awarnaval.

Benaiah enjoyed hanging out and munching on snow cones.

These are the skirts that I made for the girls!


Kari said...

I can't wait to meet your amazing family:)) Love your blog!!

Bethany said...

We had our AWANA award night on Thursday. I really like the third sparky book award and the Timothy Award.

Miriam also got her review pin.