Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter in Ohio

We got to see lots of family and friends when were in Ohio for Easter! Mom went with us and got to catch up with some of her old friends also!

On Thursday, we needed to take it easy. We had just come off of our beach trip, one day of work, a solid day of packing, and a solid day of traveling. We walked to a local park and had fun there with Cousin Lia. She is a hoot!

On Friday, we had Cassano's pizza with Susan's Uncle John and Aunt Jane followed by a trip to IKEA!

There was an egg hunt, Easter dinner, and an open house to meet Benaiah on Saturday. Thanks to all who came to see us! We had fun visiting with everybody!

On Sunday, we were able to go back to the chuch in which Susan grew up to see lots of old friends who are now also Facebook friends! We also had a nice visit with William's Aunt Jan and Uncle Dale.

On the way home, we finally got to introduce Benaiah to his Great-grandma Jo. We all adore her!


Anne Devlin said...

Cassano's Pizza! I grew up eating that in Sidney, OH :-)

April Isaacs said...

I am so sad I was not able to see you! Do you know how close I live to Bill's Donuts?? (0.4 miles) We were working at church all weekend (6 services!) Will you let me know the next time you come in?

Love ya!