Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Beach Trip!

Saturday, April 4th was my birthday - my 40th birthday.

Marissa had a soccer game.

Annika had her first day of instructional soccer.

We grabbed lunch at Bojangle's and headed for Carolina Beach. It was about a 2 hour, 45 minute trip.

Finally around 4 pm, we hit the beach!

Benaiah was on a mission! He took his bucket and shovel and attempted to shovel into the bucket! Mema had fun chasing him. We got some really priceless looks. We could tell that some people were looking for Benaiah's brown-skinned family.

Annika liked to hold me hand and let the waves hit us. The water was very cold. At first, it hurt, but after you go numb, it is fine!

Marissa ventured in a little deeper.... and Jeremy ended up totally in the water. He also enjoyed flying his kite.

On Sunday, we woke to watch the sun rise. After we got up again, we enjoyed the beach and went to the Fort Fisher Aquarium. It is very nice. We went to a presentation about snakes, and the kids all got to pet some snakes.

We all had a really nice time and wished that it would have lasted longer!

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