Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not everything that comes on a spoon is evil!

We have been trying to get Benaiah interested in eating some "real" food.  At first, he was totally uninterested in anything that didn't come out of the bottle. Then, one day, a friend suggested I create "banana foam". This is genius. I put a half a banana in a bowl and hit it with the stick blender. This turned it into liquid, and then foam. It was a big hit. Then we tried green beans the same way, and peas, then applesauce, and last night Shiro Wat (Ethiopian Yellow Peas). I'm not sure we have "turned the food corner", but things are definately looking up.  At least he dosn't push away the spoon and make unhappy noices when I try to put food in his mouth.


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

We are laughing right now!!! LOL We are right there with you guys! LOL
Love to you,
Amy & Dietrich

small world said...

How funny is that! You are so sneaky and clever. Can you send me the recipe for Shiro...whatever it is.