Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday, Marissa!

Wednesday was our sweet, beautiful Marissa's birthday. She made blueberry muffins for everybody for breakfast. They were delish, of course!

Mr. Snowman came and rang the doorbell as usual. He likes to visit on Marissa's birthday. He used to be taller than her!

Jeremy gave her a Lil' Kinz cat that he purchased with his own money.

We went to our home school group's Christmas party. There were probably 70 kids there! William got to go too!

We celebrated at Mimi's for dinner. Her friend, Miriam, joined us for the festivities.

After dinner, Marissa opened her gifts. Daddy and Mama give her an add-a pearl and the next nesting doll each year. She got 4 Webkinz and was very, very happy!


Jean said...

Happy Birthday Marissa!

Love, Jean, Scott, and the gang

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

So funny! I just got your comment on our blog and so went to visit yours even though I've been there often. :) But then found I had missed the last 2 posts some how! Where's my brain? In bed still, of course! LOL Or I left it in ET! hahaha
Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas! Oh! and I loved the hoof and mouth! and Marissa's cute!
Miss you guys and wish we lived closer!