Monday, November 17, 2008

NC AWAA Gathering

Saturday, we met at Pullen Park with several other America World Ethiopian program families! Rebecca, our social worker, and her daughter were there, the Harbaugh family from Ohio was on its way to the beach, and the Forrests drove up from SC, so we got to see all of them too!

Pictured are the Harbaugh, Forrest, Cordell, Kepley, Dragovich, Raymer, Coen, and Schmidt families!!!

It had dumped rain right before we were to gather at the park, so there were LARGE puddles and lots of wet sand. Since we had church that evening and they had just had baths, our children decided to go swimming in the puddles. I apologize to all of you to whom I was talking to for my sudden and frequent outbursts at my children. Most of you missed them getting nekid in the parking lot for the ride home!

I had found out several months ago that Seth and Apryl had both graduated from the same high school as my sister and myself. Turns out that my sister was Seth's section leader in band! Hahaha! Too funny! She says that she remembers him being a cut-up!

Most of the group moved on to the Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, but we knew we'd *really* be pushing our family's limits if we tried to do that!

Thank-you, Candy for organizing and reminding us all when it was! Thank-you, Marshall and Jill for getting this awesome photo out to all of us!! It was so great to see you all!

Update from home: Marissa also lost another tooth on Saturday. Speaking of teeth, Jasmine had surgery on Friday to remove a tooth that had been abscessed and two others that had exposed roots. She looks a lot like Marissa now! (Not really.)


Rob & Candy said...

yah! so glad we could all get together on Saturday! We loved meeting your son

Team Dragovich said...

That is a great picture isn't it! My boys had a super great time and we enjoyed our ET food experience as well :) I'm sorry that we didn't have so much time to talk; I hope we start getting together more regularly :)

Take care and be gracious with yourself and that school thing ;)...


Apryl said...

Seth says, "Thanks for outing me about being in band!" I'm thinking its a good thing your sister didn't know him later on during high school--he was faaar from a cut up (and still I dated him...)

We had a blast seeing you guys, I'm so glad you made it!
much love,