Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Week

Tuesday it snowed. The kids all ran out (the girls were bare-footed) onto the deck to enjoy the 3 minutes of snow.

All of the kids are great with Benaiah. Jeremy even took him to watch him for a little bit on Saturday morning so that Mom and Dad could rest a bit more. Benaiah is attaching nicely and showing familiarity toward his siblings. He knows that Jeremy is for playing! He likes to pull the girls' hair, and Annika especially likes to avoid that.

Benaiah is such a cute and happy guy! He could do better in the sleeping department, but we'll get there some day. He is getting a couple bottles of breast milk most days and likes it. He still lights up when we call him "Meteku," but is beginning to turn his head sometimes when we say "Benaiah." His two little teeth on the bottom are sharp, and he is walking back and forth, back and forth across the livingroom with his arms up! He's getting pretty good! We get lots of comments on how funny he looks walking around and being so tiny. Benaiah turned 10 months-old on Wednesday.

Jasmine turned 14 years-old on Wednesday! We knew when she ripped open a bag of dog food and began eating it that she had recovered from her surgery, and we wouldn't need to put water on her food anymore! Crazy imp dog!

This was the end of our semester for our home school co-op. Jeremy especially enjoyed his class in puppet making. LOVED IT!! We did not know how creative he is! His favorite creation is the one with the eyes all over it. At one point, it had 72 eyes! The blue oven mitt is Michael Phelps complete with a gold medal. He also created Indiana Jones and the main cast of the Star Wars movies. (I don't think he has seen any Indiana Jones movies and has seen 1 1/2 Star Wars movies.) Marissa enjoyed her classes also, but they didn't have any displays or presentations. She happily toted home her own Curious George doll and book last week from the birthday party that the teachers threw for everybody in the class! Annika loved her class too. Her teacher hopes to return to teach next semester after she gives birth to her 5th son next month!

Guess I'd better try to post more small posts.


HeatherV said...

Is her teacher Amanda R ? She was my MOPS DGL and is SIL w/ our good friends. Glad things are going well. He is so cute. Logan is bummed as he missed the snow and keeps wondering when it will snow again. It did early in the a.m. one morning and Andrew was going or coming from the gym and saw it. So now Logan thinks he needs to wake up earlier to see the snow and build a snow man. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Rob & Candy said...

I love the picture of Benaiah and Jeremy!

Jean said...

Adorable photo of Jeremy and Benaiah!!! Show us more!! We are so glad to hear that Benaiah is feeling comfy in his new home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, the Olech's