Friday, September 14, 2007

FSOTD: Supreme Pie!

It is time once again, for a Funny Story of the Day!

Jeremy was waking up when Annika came into his room and said, "Jemmy, do you want breakfast?" He went downstairs and fixed her cereal like the wonderful big brother that he is, but he didn't want cereal, so he was searching for something to eat. Annika asks, "Why don't you eat wice cwispies Jemmy? They're good for your body." He has read the nutritional information on the box and was not convinced of that! So, Jeremy decided to have half of a hamburger bun (he was saving the other half to eat with pork butt for lunch!) with black raspberry jelly on it. As he finished making his jelly bun, Annika announces that she is going to have "second breakfast."

J-"What are you going to have for your second breakfast?"
A-"You'll see!" "First, I want a bun."

J-"Do you want something on it?"
A-"I want jelly."

Jeremy spreads jelly.

A-"I want something else on it."
J-"What else do you want on it?"
A-"You'll see!"

Annika opens the refrigerator, and pulls out the barbecue sauce, and says that what she wants!

J-"Are you sure?"
A-"No, this. (She points out hoisin sauce!) No, this. (She pulls out the BBQ sauce again.)

J-"OK. As long as you eat it."

Jeremy made a jelly and BBQ sauce bun for his baby sister.

A-"You want to know what I call it? -A "SUPREME PIE!!!"

After breakfast, she came up to find me and William and announced, "I had a Supreme Pie with pig sauce!!!" (There's a pig on the bbq sauce bottle!)

~Story dictated by Jeremy

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