Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ethiopian Feast!

Today was our first Ethiopian feast at home! No particular reason to party, but maybe, our baby was born today or something. Only God knows!
I call it a feast since we had more than one dish!

After our homeschool swimming this afternoon, Jeremy, Annika, and I headed over to our exotic/middle eastern/islamic supermarket to buy the injera, the giant sourdough pancakes, with which to eat our wats. I scanned the business card so those of you in town seeking injera, spices, or other "exotic" foods can find it. (It is behind a Subway that is on Western Boulevard.)

Yesterday, I made shero wat, a dish with yellow peas, and we ate them this evening with the kik wat (lentils) and some kay wat (beef) that was made in the crock-pot a few weeks ago and froze. Everybody approved!

As usual, as soon as we were finished eating, Jeremy asked, "What's for dessert?" From the living room Annika yells, "Cake Wat!!" Oh, my!


Carpenters said...

Dinner looks great! Where did you get the recipes? We can't get injera locally. Someday when I'm feeling brave, I'll order some tef and make my own. Some day.


Anonymous said...

William and Susie the food looks great. William you are looking great, you seem lost weight. It has been great to track your progess along with ours. Take care-Scott and Jean Olech, livin it up in the Western Pacific