Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Progress Update #14

We are still waiting for that fingerprinting appointment. I was trying to wait to post an update until we got our letter, but maybe, it will come tomorrow...

Last week, we popped by the credit union to have our financial statement and our letter to the Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs requesting our child notarized.

Also, after communicating with our social worker and our family coordinator, I filled out our new medical forms, drafted letters explaining our conditions, and dropped them off at the doctor's office with another letter explaining what we need for her to do. FINALLY, on Monday (8/27/07), we got a call that our forms were finished and that we could meet her with our new notary that we found at a mortgage company in the doctor's building. Bottom line is -WE'VE GOT OUR MEDICAL PAPERS! HALLELUJAH!

Soon, we're going to take the 17 documents that have been notarized in NC to the NC Secretary of State to get them authenticated. For just $10 per document, we can drop them off downtown by 10 AM and pick them up the same day since we have fewer than 30 documents. We'll see how that goes.

Our homestudy will be finished soon! Our social worker received our medical papers via FedEx today so that she can finish it up! YAY!


Carpenters said...

Hurray! I'm glad that you got your medical papers. Your paperwork is coming together. That must feel good.

If I'm remembering correcly, you were printing and saving your blog entries in a binder. I came accross this free program called Blog Collector that I thought you would be interested in. I haven't used it yet, but the demo looks promising. It converts your blog into a pdf (with title page and table of contents) or word document. I just thought I would pass that along.


Susan said...

Penelope, We do feel like we're coming down the home-stretch of paperwork. It has been 4 months of papers, and I'm tired of them! Thanks for letting me know about Blog Collector, I will certainly check it out!