Sunday, August 19, 2007

Progress Update #13

William's birth certificate with a corrected authentication for the Ohio Secretary of State arrived safely home on Saturday, August 11.

We had our physical exams with our doctor back in June, and somehow, the doctor was told (I'm not going to mention any names.) that we didn't need our medical forms until the end of August. But we need them NOW for our homestudy to wrap up. So, I found a notary who works in the same building as our doctor and, she was kind enough to agree to come down to the doctor's office to notarize the forms on Friday. However, the medical information is not complete, and the nice notary's commission ends October 8, 2007 -before the papers will be likely to even leave our hands. UGH. That's all I have to say about that right now.

We are still waiting for the letter telling us when our fingerprinting appointment will be.

In other news:

William was summoned to report on to U.S. District court and selected to serve and sat on a jury Thursday and Friday, August 9 & 10. The case is over, and he is safe from being called for federal jury for four years and ate "free" pizza. At least it didn't conflict with our fingerprinting appointment!

We had our homeschool kick-off hoe down today! It was fun! There were farm animals, butter making, corn grinding, chicken feeding, a zip line, bubbles, square dancing, pot-luck dinner, and tie-dying. Stay tuned for the tie-dye creations! Thank-you, Joanna & Jason and the Best Nest Farm crew!

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Lenka said...

One step closer. Hooray I am very happy for you. We started school last week.
Lenka from AWAA group