Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter at Home!

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In addition to the family Easter at Mom's house, we celebrated at home. Some of our family went to Easter services at church on Saturday night while the rest of us stayed home with snot and coughing. We remembered to get the eggs boiled before bedtime Saturday night and were able to enjoy coloring them in between watching "Flywheel."

After we got home from Mom's, we had to put Benaiah down for a very late nap since it was way past his nap time. Then, we gave the big kids their Easter baskets from us. The were ecstatic to find eggs full of AA batteries to put in their Wii remotes! (See Jeremy's photo above!) They also got some new pajamas, some Wii accessories, and some candy.

The family fun continued as we played Wii Sports Resort together.

Then the sugar overdose kicked in, all of the kids turned into total freaks, and we couldn't wait to get them all to bed! LOL!

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