Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready to Adopt Again?

A LOT of our friends with whom we shared our first adoption voyage are back in it for round 2! I am so excited for all of them! It is wonderful to see how God has changed our hearts through our experiences with orphans and seeing REAL poverty first-hand. One family is pursuing a 13 year-old boy whose likelihood of being adopted was diminishing with every passing day. Another family that we know is pursuing a child who is HIV+ and is educating everyone who will listen! I am so happy that God is using these families for HIS glory by making these children part of their families!

So, we've been asked more than a few times if we're ready to go back, and for now, the answer is "NO." It isn't that we don't have a desire to help orphans, but God really gave us a handful when he placed Benaiah Meteku in our family! He is one busy boy! The challenges of home schooling have been magnified as we are afraid to leave this little guy unsupervised for more than 30 seconds (maybe less!).

We both imagine that when the kids that we have get older, we would like to go back to Ethiopia and bring home some older children if that is what God wants. Another thing that we've thought about is being a foster family. Who knows what God will ask of us?

Two very important lessons from our first adoption remain:

1. Where God guides, God will provide. We have no concerns that if God calls us to adopt again, we do not need to fear the details.

2. When God's calling is clear, obedience is the only option.

So for now, we are content with our 4 blessings, but we are fully expecting the day to come when God will call us to adopt, foster, or maybe even something we have never imagined!

When that calling comes, HE will provide, and we will obey.


Apryl said...

Funny, I was just going to post something along the same lines :) I made the 'mistake' of telling someone that I am perfectly content with our family right now. I fear that God may have laughed at me (as he did with numbers 1 -5). We both have felt that our hands are FULL with the crew we have. I'm more than happy to watch from the sidelines (but fearful that we may be called up again). Nice to read that you are in the same position--though it sounds as if you aren't nearly as nervous about adding on as we are ;)

Dave said...

Great lessons. Sometimes, one is enough.