Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Crazy December Saturday

Each December, there is always at least one weekend in which there are activities out the wazoo! This year, it was December 12. On that day, we enjoyed the IBM children's Christmas party, the town Christmas parade, and our church's Christmas production.

So, early in the cold morning, we headed to RTP to the party. Our first stop was to see Santa.

Annika was most excited and happy to see Santa.

Jeremy knew that it would make Mama happy and obliged.

Marissa didn't want to sit on Santa as you can tell by her expression.

Benaiah clung to me, and I could tell that he was thinking, "Don't you dare think that you're going to put me down on this weird man!"

After our Santa fun, we played games, made crafts, hung our with the Colglaziers, and ate lots of SUGAR!

We went home to re-group and have lunch, and then headed to downtown Cary for the Christmas parade. (They can call it that because it is hosted by the Jaycees.) We again met up with the Colglaziers who we kind enough to save us a spot. It was COLD. The parade was as wonderful with marching bands, Elvis, CANDY, and of course, Santa again. Marissa said that Santa recognized Miriam from the party earlier.

After thawing, we headed to church for the Christmas production, "A Christmas Tale," which was excellent as usual.

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Anonymous said...

I love Marissa's look on Santa. That was fun hanging out with you for most of the day!!