Monday, February 16, 2009

A Busy, Busy Valentine Weekend.

Happy late Valentine's Day! Marissa made this beauty at church! I always love to tote project dripping with glue onto the shuttle bus to the parking lot and then home. I thought this was really pretty, so it was well-worth it!

We had a full weekend, and I think we're still trying to recover from it!

Jeremy swam on both Saturday and Sunday mornings in the last short-course swim meet of the season. He did very well and took some time off of most of his strokes. It is amazing how much he has improved since September!

Since we ran from the pool to church on Saturday, William prepared a Valentine's feast for Sunday afternoon after Jeremy finished swimming. It was delicious! The cake was coconut with a raspberry-almond filling. YUM!

William makes one craft project a year -my Valentine card. He cuts, stamps, colors, ties, etc... to make something beautiful to give me. (He also wrote a tear-inducing message inside that I'm going to keep to myself!)

Thank-you, William! I love you!


the Steiger's said...

That is so sweet. Happy Valentine to all of you (few days late).
love, Lenka

Rob & Candy said...

ahhh so sweet!