Monday, August 18, 2008

Encouragement From Friends

Saturday, in the mail, I received a really cute card to encourage me from my friend Jacki. Her son Andrew who is my friend from home school co-op made me a picture to help me to feel better too.

Andrew was born in Korea and came into Jacki and her husband's lives when he was just a baby. He is so blessed with the family that he has now, but he has also suffered losses at a very young age.


Andrew made this picture because he wants you to know he understands how sad you are about Benaiah still being in the orphanage. The picture shows Andrew being sad about our dog & cat dying and also because he lost his first mommy & then his foster mommy. Jesus is there to comfort him.

Thank-you, Andrew & Jacki! You both made my day!

Thank-you also to all of our friends and family who have shown your support and love in person, on our blog, on Facebook, e-mail, and snail mail! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

3 comments: said...

How sweet!
BTW- a big hug & thank-you for your NAG keep us all sane!!
Alisa :)

Danielle said...

This is so precious! And I second Alisa on the NAG list! I came to look at the baby album you sent over, but I got distracted :)


Jori said...

A very wonderful thing ~ and from the heart of a child! Something to keep for sure! love ya, jori